Planting Potatoes: the definitive guide

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Every kind of potato you can imagine


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Link to us using any of the following banners, we are happy to link back to other relevant sites, so please contact us to discuss. – Come along and join in with other keen growers. Loads of relevant articles about how to grow potatoes. – The no1 website in the world for seed potatoes. A massive choice of potatoes packed in small amounts for the home grower. – A trade only website for garden centres, wholesalers, farmers, allotment societies and anyone else who requires larger quantities of Scottish seed potatoes. - A site dedicated to the fight against late blight. - Find out which potatoes are the best for boiling and how you can boil them properly. - Where is the best place to but seed potatoes for your garden or allotment? Find out here. - Buying top quality vegetable seed is now made even easier. - Do you want to have fresh new potatoes for you xmas dinner? This site tells you all about it. - Ever wondered how many ways you can cook a potato? This site will give you loads of cooking tips and recipes. - The sister site of - Common potato pests and diseases are all discussed on this informative site. - A great selection of early maincrop spuds. - Exhibition seed potato information available here. - A wide selection of seed potatoes for you to choose from for the show bench. - Potato seeds and other vegetable seeds for the keen showbench grower. - Anything and everything to do with exhibition quality seed. - The choice of first earlies will astound you. Let this site help you choose what you are going to plant. - The best way to grow your seed potatoes are explained here. Container growing and conventinal growing. - Looking for a taste of the past? Well this is the site for you. - Buying heritage seed potatoes is made easy with advice from this site. The perfect storage device. Hessian sacks are what every gardener needs. - Do you want to know how to cook the perfect Jacket potato? find out here and find out which are the best ones to grow. - Pedigree Suffolk sheep for sale. Top bloodlines available. Males and females for sale privately. - Maincrop seed potatoes explained. Find out which ones will suit you and your garden. - How to make perfect mashed potatoes and select varieties best suited for mashing for your garden. - Do you want some eating potatoes delivered hassle free to your door? Well you have just found the answer. - What are organic potatoes? find out what makes them organic. - If you want to grow potatoes organically in your garden then let this site help you. - Organic vegetable seed explained. - Paper sacks for storing your crops in. - Pedigree Suffolk sheep for sale. Top bloodlines for sale privately. - Pedigree Suffolk sheep for sale. Top bloodlines for sale privately. - Pedigree Suffolk sheep for sale. Top bloodlines for sale privately. - The ultimate novelty potato. Pink Fir Apple. - If you need help with how to plant your potatoes then our step by step guides are what you are looking for. - Planting seed potatoes in your garden. - Hessian and paper sacks for you to store your potatoes in. - Loads of useful recipes on how to cook your favourite spuds. - Sacks to store your potatoes in. - Are potatoes a seed? Find out here and see our vast choice of seed potatoes. - Over 120 seed potato varieties to choose from. - The history of the potato. Find out all you need to know about potatoes here, - UK potato merchants. Get a source of top quality potatoes today for your business. -  Planting in bags is the easy way. Find out how to do it and buy some bags online. - How many varieties have you tried? Have a look here and see the huge choice. - Recipes and guides on how to rast potatoes. A buyers guide to suitable roasting varieties that you can buy. - Salad potatoes are easy to grow. Find out how to prepare them and see our vast range to grow in your garden. - If scab is a problem find out here what you can do about it. - There really is nothing better than a quality Scottish potato. See how many you can buy today. - Top quality seed for your garden. - Second earlies explained and listed for you to choose from. - Seed potatoes for non retail customers. Jamieson Brothers seed potatoes. - Cumbrias only seed potato producer. - A list of seed available in the UK. - Seed potatoes for the european market. - Seed potatoes for the UK market. - Lists of suppliers of seed potatoes. - Lists of  UK seed potato varieties - If slugs are a pest in your garden then find out what you can do about it here. - Pedigree Suffolk males and females for sale privately. - The best website for information about vintage Massey Ferguson tractors - If you need eating potatoes then this is the place for you,

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